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Cloud-based. Intuitive. Self Service.


8 Years of Cloud Experience Meets 20 Years in BI Development. OneQlik.

OneQlik is a cloud-based solution for Business intelligence. The solution is developed on basis of the self service product for business analytics - Qlik Sense by one of the leaders on the BI market. OneQlik combines into one application the information from all your systems - ERP, CRM, SQL data bases, Data Warehouse, Excel, Access and other files and data bases. It provides the capability for every employee to analyze the information in the most important fields for a company - sales and marketing, accounting, finances, logistics and warehousing. 





Stop Wasting Time and Money!

Stop waiting for weeks for another report from the IT experts! You depend on them no longer. OneQlik provides you instant access to the exact information at the exact moment with easy to apprehend and analyze visualizations. OneQlik comes at a monthly fee and gives you enterprise class of a solution for an optimal price.




 Information is Not What Used to be.

Up to Now.

Large volumes of information. Endless time for reports. Late decisions. Losses.

OneQlik Changes Things.

Self-service solution. Free to Analyze. Astonishing discoveries. Increased margins.







Your Business in Your Hands!

It is no longer necessary to delegate taking key business solutions to someone else. There is no need to get up from the hot sand leaving behind half full beer bottle. All your necessary data is in your pocket. Analyze the information with OneQlik via any mobile device and meet your decision from every corner of the world.








Even More Security in Cloud

And although that it is a BI solution, OneQlik integrates all mechanics for protection of your data. It covers data path from your office right until OneQlik analyzes and virtualizes data for you. Actually with OneQlik you will improve the protection of your data not only via the improved look over your business but also with the excellent control over who accesses your data, the redundant resources and the monitoring on all layers.


Who said freedom and security cannot coexist?