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Where there is Cloud, there is Connectivity.


Connectivity is essential for a satisfactory cloud experience. That is why we take it seriously and we give it cheap. You know, Bulgaria is the best outsourcing destination worldwide, therefore here at OneCloud we can . 


OneCloud is your solution for all kinds of connectivity – from Layer 2 to Layer 3, from static to dynamic, from local to international, choose what suits you best:



Layer 2 –plug one end and give us the other end, so we can plug it in our devices.

Dedicated physical cable connection from your office to our data center. Usually provided by OneCloud’s telco partners.



Layer 3 – Nothing is physical, connectivity is in the air (your dedicated air).

Dedicated for you internet traffic channel provided by OneCloud and terminated on your network device.



Layer 2 Encryption

With protocols like MACsec we encrypt your dedicated connection to maximize security



 VPN Encryption

You can have it static (between devices) or dynamic (end user-device) for extra mobility



Dedicated devices

Rent a wide range of dedicated devices. Choose to utilize your own security policies, IPS/IDS, URL Filtering, Web Filtering, Content Filtering, etc.