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Our Infrastructure

Using the best is never a bad idea. In our infrastructural view we implement all best practices and follow leading trends.










Our solutions are based on enterprise hardware. No matter what you chose – x86 or x64 – we can provide and support. All servers are fully redundant and regularly maintained. All components tested and certified. We hate the phrase “single point of failure” and we do not have to use it.











All of our storage is purpose-built. We have all possible tiers that you might need. There is no data too big for us, there is no load too high for us. We can replicate, automate and delete securely. We do not take chances.












As we virtualize, we aim to stabilize. Our environment is built to last as well as to be extremely flexible. We use only enterprise hypervisors, no matter the cost.











In cloud, you need to connect. In OneCloud we connect you with the leaders. Switching, routing and firewall security is handled by three of the top five network vendors worldwide. Shared or dedicated - choice is yours.











In backup we insist. In restore we believe. Over the years we have been leading the local market on backup projects. In our cloud we use all modules of an enterprise backup system – backup of physical and virtual machines, reporting, indexing, smart searches, remote locations, second copies and encryption. Miss something? We have it.











Transparency is key to happy relationships. In OneCloud, we have a full-size monitoring environment with custom client profiles. Nothing goes unseen – if you intend to look at it. We can monitor OS, applications, data bases. A resource consumption overview comes with the service.